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The Institute of Business Law and Foreign Investments Ltd.

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The Institute of Business Law and Foreign Investments is a privately owned consulting firm incorporated as a limited liability company.
Our company's top priorities are to meet our customers' expectations in the areas of economic, tax and business law and provide excellent customer service. To meet the objectives listed above we have acquired the finest specialists in the following areas:

  • business law, in particular company law
  • labor law, including matters connected with trade unions
  • banking law, financial law
  • European law
  • unfair competitive practices and competition law
  • brokerage of joint ventures between Polish and foreign capital
  • public orders
  • new technologies
  • arbitration and procedural law
  • tax law
  • bankruptcy regulations
  • building regulations
  • corporate governance
  • EU structural funds
  • preparation of legal and economy audits
  • appraisal
  • professional trainings

Our solid position in Poland's economic law sector, our company's size, profound understanding of global economic needs and everyday realities in the legal realm enables us to provide effective assistance at a superior level. Experience with management cases and our clients various legal issues has allowed us to create a company responsible for the fundamental needs of our clients. To ensure assistance in extremely important economic and legal matters, our staff makes it a point to keep in contact with our clients on a regular basis.

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7 February 2008
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